Scott Rogers


Do you ever wonder how, in 2018, we still have the majority of RTOs failing miserably in demonstrating they appropriately assess their students?  Or why they can't meet the required standards set out in a unit of competence (UOC) or assessment ... Read More


If you are not already aware, the 2015 release of the Accounting and Bookkeeping qualifications superseded on the 12th of February 2018. We have received a lot of queries about this change as very little information or consultation was conducted/released by Price ... Read More


I have believed for some time now that ASQA and State Regulators are operating outside of the Standards for RTOs and the VET Training Package frameworks by auditing assessment tools against the Unit of Competence (UoC) Elements and Performance Criteria. ... Read More


With so many RTOs being determined as Non-Compliant against clause 1.2 of the standards for RTOs, I feel it necessary to provide some guidance on how RTOs can ensure they are compliant with this requirement.Common MisunderstandingFirst of all, it is important ... Read More